A Salem Disc Screen sorts bark and other small wood debris prior to a hammer hog. The Disc Screen drops out particles that are already at specific desired size or smaller; larger pieces continue into a hammer hog for size reduction.

Removing the fines and already sized pieces reduces volume to the hammer hog, allowing it to be more productive and also reduces wear and maintenance. Commonly 65% or more of material can be screened out ahead of the bark hog, allowing for higher volume to process through the system than with just a bark hog application alone.

Disc Screens have a series of rotating shafts with serrated or lobed discs that carry material toward the discharge into the hog. The spacing between discs and between the shafts is individually configured to the customer desired particle size.

salem equipment gang edger
Disc Screen

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Salem Disc Screens are available in a wide variety of sizes, usually described by width and length of the screening area.

Standard sizes include 4’ and 5’ widths from 8’ to 14’ in length, depending on the volume of material to be screened.


Salem Disc Screens are individually configured but include the following standard features:

  • Zero Speed Switch
  • Dust Containment Covers
  • Lubrication System