About Salem Equipment, Inc.

70 Years of Excellence.

Serving the Forest Products Industry for 70 years.

Salem Equipment, Inc. has been a leader in providing complete sawmill systems and individual machine centers for the Forest Products Industry for 70 years. We are firmly established, providing our customers complete services in design, manufacturing, and field services.

Salem offers a full range of products of our own design and manufacture including log debarking and bucking systems, primary breakdown systems, resaw systems, board and gang edging systems, trimming and sorting systems, and residuals processing and handling systems.

Our company sales, engineering, and manufacturing facilities are located in Sherwood, Oregon. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Wellons, our corporate and administrative headquarters are located in Vancouver, Washington. Our association with Wellons and other Wellons companies gives us ready access to in depth technical expertise in various fields.

Product-Line Upgrades & Enhancements

We continually adjust and expand our product line in response to changing market needs. We highly encourage you to explore specific equipment pages to see for yourself what's new.

salem equipment horizontal resaw
Horizontal Resaw

Product-Line Upgrades & Enhancements

We continually adjust and expand our product line in response to changing market needs. We highly encourage you to explore specific equipment pages to see for yourself what's new.

Timeline of Significant Salem Achievements

Salem has been a leader in sawmill equipment design and fabrication since 1946.


New Dual Ring Debarker

Salem develops a new 27” dual ring small log ring debarker for high speed debarking in small log mills.


New Twins & Quads

Salem completely revises and updates its line of twin and quad bandmills for use in small log systems. In addition to the higher bandsaw speeds developed in 2013, the twin and quad guideways are completely revised to allow faster and smoother positioning.


High Speed Log Cut-Off Saws

Salem develops new high speed log cut-off saws for use in automated small log merchandizing systems. The saws are available in either stationary or moveable configurations.


Upgraded Carriage Drive

New automation features are developed for Salem Carriage Drives. Sawing speed may be automatically controlled according to measured depth of cut and according to measured saw blade deviation


New High Speed Bandmills

Two new models of bandmill are developed to allow higher bandsaw speeds. The Salem Model B bandmill has 12,000 fpm capacity and the Salem Model C bandmill has 14,000 fpm capacity


Disc & Vibratory Screens

A complete auxillary line of disc scalping and vibratory screens is added to Salems severe duty equipment.


Hammer Hogs

Salem completely revises and upgrades its hammer hog product line for improved performance and easier maintenance.


Log Turners

Salem upgrades its hydraulic turner line. The hydraulic pumping unit and hydraulic control is completely revised to provide more responsive control and less maintenance.



Salem develops stick placers as an extension of its stacker product line. The stick placer units include a special feature that allows them to place both sticks and lath in the same lumber unit.


Upgraded Carriage

Salem develops a system of round guideways for carriage knees and board dogs to provide improved sawing accuracy


Bull Edgers

Salem develops a line of Optimized Bull Edgers that can capture high value products from cants. The edger sawbox is specially designed to allow the shifting saws to shift down to a minimum net cut of 1-5/8” to allow the ability to isolate ‘heart center’ (and other defects) for the capture of high value specialty products.


AC Carriage Drives

Salem develops an advanced carriage drive relying on the development of IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) and Reliance Motors’ new RPM AC motor line (specifically developed for use with IGBT based controllers.) Salem’s new AC Carriage Drive is regenerative and energy efficient out-performing equivalent old DC systems in applications requiring a broad speed range.


New High Speed Edgers

Salem designs and manufactures its first High Speed Optimized Edger for Wallowa Forest Products (Div. of DR Johnson Lumber Co). Salem’s previous optimized edgers have feed rate between 500 and 800 fpm. The Wallowa system has a feed rate of 1,200 fpm.


Updated Slabbers

As part of the development of a full line of slabbing systems, Salem establishes a working relationship with Key Knife. With Key Knife supplying the slabbing heads, knife holders, and knives, Salem develops headrig slabbers, twin slabbers, and top head slabbers.


Updated Sorters

Salem extends its lumber sorter product line to include a drag chain sorter. The first system is delivered to Bastin Lumber Company in Lancaster, Kentucky.


New Debarkers

In response to needs caused by shrinking log diameters, Salem extends its debarker product line to include a 6 tool debarker. The new design allows increase feed rate over the original 5-tool machines. In addition, the ring centers on a vertical slide system (instead of the original side pivot) for improved centering on small logs.


Optimized Trimmers

Salem sells its first Optimized Trimmer System to Big Valley Lumber Company in Burney, Califronia.


New Hydraulic Log Turner

Salem develops a hydraulic log turner which includes the development of special deep cushion hydraulic turners and the development of a responsive high volume pumping unit.


Sharp Chain Systems

Salem develops its first Double Length Sharp Chain System for high capacity processing of small logs. The first system is installed at Seattle Snohomish Mill Company in Snohomish, Washington.


Triple Band Horizontal Resaws

Salem Equipment manufactures its first Triple Band Horizontal Resaw in response to a request from industry icon Frank Bennett of Bennett Lumber Products in Clarkston, Washington. Using technology developed in the Twin Horizontal product line in 1986, the Triple Horizontal Resaw is a natural extension of Salem’s resaw line.


Upgraded Resaws

Salem fine tunes its grade sawing hardwood resaw systems. Teaming up with industry veteran Bob Mallery of RAM Forest Products (Shinglehouse, Pa), Salem upgrades the linebar feed table and develops new style of outfeed table. A modified pre-grading station is also developed.


New Twin Horizontal Resaws

Salem extends the range of its horizontal resaw systems with the development of a twin horizontal resaw system.


New Grade Sawing Resaws

Salem develops a special grade-sawing resaw system for eastern hardwoods. The first system was installed at Linden and included a 7’ resaw system, a pre-grading station, and an innovative semi-circular run around.


New Lumber Stacker

Salem designs and manufactures its first lumber stacker system for Biewer Lumber in Michigan.


New J-Bar Sorter System

Salem designs and manufactures it first J-bar sorter system for D B Arant Lumber Company in New Bern, North Carolina.


Bandmill Direct Air Strain System

After 10 years of developing several different versions of bandmill air strain systems, Salem develops its first direct air strain system in which a large airbag is located directly under the upper wheel shaft.


First Linear Positioner Carriage

Salem helps develop the first linear positioner carriage.


Upgraded High Strain Horizontal Resaws

Salem soon is developing horizontal resaw machines for RSG Forest Products. With the benefit of the insight and hands-on experience of RSG personnel, Salem fine tunes its horizontal resaw designs and quickly assumes the industry leadership in the development of horizontal resaw systems.


New High Strain Horizontal Resaws

Salem extends its Horizontal Resaw line with the development of a high strain model. The new revised machines are ‘bottom cut’ style and have a setting mill with stationary feedbed.


New Resaws

Salem Equipment develops its first Horizontal Resaw to help support its recently developed tilted headrig system. The first horizontal resaws were light duty machines with the first model being installed at Round Prairie Lumber Company in Round Prairie, Oregon.


New Tilted Carriage & Headrig System

Salem Equipment designs and manufactures its first tilted headrig system for RSG Forest Products in Kalama, Wa.


New Climb-Cut Edger

Salem’s first climb-cut, splined arbor, guided circular saw edger is sold to Edward Hines Lumber.


International Sales

Salem enters into an export sales agreement with KIC International. Salem sells machines in Southeast Asia, Africa, South and Central America, and Europe.


New Ring Debarkers

With a technology and marketing agreement with Brunette Machine Works, Salem manufactures and sells a line of ring debarkers with a new innovative ring air seal system for more effective removal of bark.


New Bandmill & Resaws

Salem develops a bandmill and resaw line. The existing carriage product line was extended.


Company Founding

Salem Equipment is founded by Earl ‘Pappy’ Hitchman, a long time logger and sawmill operator.