A Salem Chip Screen receives the output of a chipper or slabber and sorts the product into three categories:

  • ‘Accepts’ (the desired range for chip size); typically, the ‘accepts’ are then routed to chip storage bins.
  • ‘Overs’ are routed back to the chipper for further processing.
  • ‘Fines’ are routed to the sawdust or hog fuel bin.

The chips screens have flat screen decks that oscillate to screen out a specific size (and smaller) particle.

salem equipment chip screen
Chip Screen

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Salem Chip Screens are available in several sizes, usually described by the size of the screen deck.

Standard sizes include 7’ X 7’, 8’ X 8’, 10’ X 10’, and 10’ x 12’.


Salem Chip Screens are individually configured to meet the requirements of the application regarding flow capacity and the specified chip size. The openings in the chip screen are determined by the chip size desired by the customer.