Salem Equipment. Durability With An Edge.

With over 70 years of exceptional work in the sawmill industry, we know what we’re doing when it comes to creating superior sawmill machines. All those years have given us time to hone our innovative designs, refine our masterfully-crafted machines, and deliver to you an outstanding product you can rely on for decades to come. And we have.

Whether you’re looking for a complete sawmill system or individual machine centers, our experts will customize it to suit your needs. Here, you will find innovative machines designed with accuracy, quality, and productivity in mind.

Take a look at some of our recent innovations and enhancements:

New Systems

Updated Systems

salem equipment ring debarker hero
Ring Debarker Infeed View
salem equipment bandmill blade hero
Bandmill Blade

Softwood Industry. Fast Through-Put.

We have equipment specifically designed for softwood mills.

  • High Speed Canter Twin Systems
  • High Speed Ring Debarkers
  • High Speed Board Edgers
  • Sorters and Stackers

Hardwood Industry. High Yield.

  • New Log Grading System
  • High Recovery Bandmills
  • Ring Debarkers
  • High Recovery Board Edgers
  • High Yield Resaw Systems
  • Sorters and Stackers


Following are a few highlights from our many updated systems and machine centers. Please explore our website or contact us directly for further details.

Salem Bandmills. Better, Stronger, Faster.

We've recently updated and enhanced our Bandmill systems and components. Our entire line of band mills are now faster, more accurate, and more durable than ever.

Get the details:

Headrigs & Vertical Resaws

Multiple & Vertical Bandmills

Horizontal Resaws

salem equipment bandmill hero
Headrig Bandmill | Model BHS-72

Check out our Carriages. Checkmate.

If you need to move, flip, rotate, or otherwise man-handle logs, then we've got a machine for you.

Salem Log Carriages are built for demanding mill applications. Following are a few features and standard configurations:

Learn more about standard features, benefits, and technichal specifications at:

Carriages Carriage Drives

salem equipment bandmill hero
17° Tilted | 3-KNEES

Salem Edgers. Custom Sawing Solutions

Salem edgers can be highly customized for individual sawmill applications. Mill configurations, incoming fiber, and end-product are all considered.

A few highlights:

  • Bull Edgers for specialty mills
  • High speed Board Edgers, up to 1200 fpm
  • Custom Gang Edger Sawing Solutions

Learn more about our standard features and updated components:

Board Edgers Bull Edgers Gang Edgers

salem equipment edgers
Gang Edger

Design, Engineering, Fabrication. Modern Methods, Same Mission.

Our designs are based on a long track record of proven, rugged, and easy to service machines and systems. Modern software and CNC machining allow us to produce the highest quality sawmill equipment with the best customer value on the market.

salem equipment cnc machining